Our Members

ACTION-Housing, Inc.


Main office: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mission: To empower people to build more secure and self-sufficient lives through the provision of decent, affordable housing, essential supportive services, asset building programs, and educational and employment opportunities.

Areas of Practice: Single family weatherization and multifamily efficiency, affordable housing development and management, supportive housing services.

Impact: 1,365 multifamily units retrofitted

Contact: Sarah Ralich

Blue Hills Community Services


Main office: Kansas City, Missouri

Mission: To revitalize communities, improve neighborhoods and enhance quality of life through innovative solutions in housing, education, community engagement and advocacy

Areas of Practice: Affordable Housing, Community Organizing, Educational Programming, Economic Development

Impact: Blue Hills Community Services has developed over 1,200 units of affordable housing, assisted 227 low income individuals and families retain their homes through home repair programs, provided 65 community garden beds, facilitated over eighty community seminars and training and is assisting 10 small construction contracting companies grow their businesses.

Contact: Stacy Purvis

Center for Energy & Environment


Main office: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mission: Discover and advance the most effective solutions for a healthy, low-carbon economy

Areas of Practice: Field research on energy efficiency technologies and retrofit strategies (ventilation, advanced air sealing, etc), multifamily/single-family/commercial/small industrial retrofit programs, energy modeling for high-rise multifamily, new construction design assistance, existing building commissioning, financing (loan origination), policy

Impact: Over 1,000 multifamily units retrofitted since 2013

Contact: Carl Nelson

Elevate Energy


Main office: Chicago, Illinois

Satellite Offices: East Lansing, Michigan, Kansas City, Missouri

Mission: Providing Smarter Energy Use for All

Areas of Practice: Elevate designs and implements efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of energy efficiency reach those who need them most. Services include single family and multifamily efficiency, hourly electricity pricing, regional energy program planning and development, energy benchmarking, renewables, research and policy.

Impact: 25,000 multifamily units have been retrofitted and 500+ jobs have been created through the Elevate Buildings multifamily program.

Contact: Abigail Corso

Green Coast Enterprises


Main office: New Orleans, Louisiana

Mission: Provide energy and sustainable building consulting services to improve building performance in the hot, humid climate of the southeastern United States

Areas of Practice: Single and multi-family housing, K-12 schools, commercial properties, and municipalities green building certification, energy management, and historic tax credit consulting (includes benchmarking and energy modeling)

Impact: Benchmarked every city-owned building and over 30 charter schools in the City of New Orleans and over 2,000 multifamily units, overseen retrofits on approximately 300 units, certified 1,087 units to Enterprise Green Communities standards; and assisted clients to save over 828,324 gallons of water

Contact: Jackie Dadakis

MPower Oregon


Main office: Portland, Oregon

Mission: Deliver increased affordability, comfort and health to low-income households through energy and water efficiency upgrades

Areas of Practice: Multifamily affordable housing efficiency upgrade coordination and financing

Impact: 2300+ multifamily units retrofitted in pilot period

Contact: Faith Graham

Michigan Energy Options


Main office: East Lansing, Michigan

Mission: Guiding communities toward being more sustainable and resilient through the adoption of more energy efficiency and renewable energy

Areas of Practice: Single family and multifamily efficiency; commercial and institutional efficiency; community-based energy programs, including community solar; energy consumption baseline studies and energy and economic forecast modeling

Impact: Founded in 1978. Since 2008, working with 6,000 businesses, 300 multifamily properties, 50 municipalities, and many residents, totaling over 2 million people

Contact: John A. Kinch, PhD

Neighborhood Energy Connection


Main office: St. Paul, Minnesota

Mission: Making Energy Conservation Easy

Areas of Practice: Single family existing homes energy assessments; new construction Energy Star Certification assistance and ratings; multifamily new construction rating services, some multifamily retrofit assessments and guidance; car sharing; energy financing; direct install program

Impact: 3000-3500 single family home energy assessments annually; 500-600 single family comprehensive retrofits completed annually; 30-50 Energy Star certified new homes annually; 2-5 multifamily new construction green communities/Energy Star projects completed annually; 3000+ homes receiving direct installs annually

Contact: Rebecca Olson, Residential Energy Program Director; Chris Duffrin, Executive Director

New Ecology, Inc


New Ecology, Inc.

Main office: Boston, MA

Mission:   Catalyze community-based sustainable development, with a focus on the practical and cost-effective: making new and existing buildings energy efficient, durable and healthy.

Areas of Practice: Greening new and existing affordable housing and community buildings; Providing consulting services to non-profit and for-profit clients in the area of sustainable development, green building, energy efficiency and integrated design; Founded Wegowise, the nation’s leading energy tracking software for multifamily housing; Developed innovative system to remotely monitor energy performance in multifamily buildings

Impact:  40-50 new construction projects greened annually, for a total of 8,000 units of new construction and moderate rehabilitation multifamily housing over past 10 years;  HUD-funded Green Retrofit Initiative program benchmarked 11,270 units, conducted assessments on 5,410 units, and assisted owners in implementing $14 million in energy & water retrofits to date (of $19 million identified);  500,000 multifamily units are being tracked in WegoWise.

Contact: Edward F. Connelly, President; Lauren Baumann, Vice President

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation


Main office: Burlington, Vermont

Mission: Reduce the economic and environmental costs of energy use

Areas of Practice: Consult and provide implementation services for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and transportation energy for all residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional markets, with specific attention to the needs of low-income people and the organizations that serve them

Impact: Reduced GHG emissions by more than 3 million tons since 2007

Contact: Elizabeth Chant