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New Ecology, Inc.

New Ecology, Inc.

Marty Josten, Director of Product & Service Development

  • 15 Court Square, Suite 420 Boston, MA 02108
  • (617) 557-1700 (MA) | (617) 557-1700 (RI) | (410) 648-4300 (MD) | (302) 300-4321 (DE)
Main Office:

Boston, Massachusetts

Project Locations:

Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, District of Columbia


Catalyze community-based sustainable development with a focus on the practical and cost-effective: making new and existing buildings energy efficient, durable, and healthy.

Areas of Practice:

Greening new and existing affordable housing and community buildings; providing consulting services to nonprofit and for-profit clients in the area of sustainable development, green building, energy efficiency, and integrated design; founded by WegoWise, the nations’s leading energy tracking software for multifamily housing; developed innovative system to remotely monitor energy performance in multifamily buildings.


40 to 40 new construction projects agreed annually for a total of 8,000 units of new construction and moderate rehabilitation multifamily housing over past 10 years; HUD-funded Green Retrofit Initiative program benchmarked 11,270 units, conducted assessments on 5,410 units, and assisted owners in implementing $14 million in energy and water retrofits to date (of $19 million identified); 500,000 multifamily units are being tracked in WegoWise.