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Slipstream, Inc.

Slipstream, Inc.

Scott Hackel, Director of Research & Innovation

  • 431 Charmany Drive, Madison, WI 53719
  • (608) 210-7129
Main Office:

Madison, Wisconsin

Satellite Offices:

Chicago, Illinois

Project Locations:

Illinois, Wisconsin


Slipstream champions and delivers innovative energy initiatives that produce enduring economic and environmental benefits for all.

Areas of Practice:

Slipstream creates, test, delivers, and scales the next generation of solutions that moves us farther, faster toward a clean energy economy. We eliminate barriers through research, education, financing and program implementation to make smart energy choices easy and accessible for everyone. Much of our work is aligned with the Relay Network’s efforts in the performance of housing. We implement efficiency programs for performance of affordable housing new construction, major renovations, and manufactured homes. We conduct applied R&D on new technologies and processes to improve multifamily housing performance. We provide education and convening for owners, contractors, designers, and other professionals. And we provide financing to housing owners and tenants for impactful projects.


Slipstream has served over 800 new construction projects resulting in 300 GWh in gross energy savings, over the past ten years. Since 2018, the organization has worked on more than 100 projects and the development of over 4,000 units of housing for income-eligible residents. In addition, Slipstream has conducted research on over a dozen different multifamily topics in the last decade.